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IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - THE EVA SCHLOSS STORY by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., which premiered at the Youngstown Playhouse in August 2016, is about to launch a tri-state tour of the show.  The tour is targeted to begin in early spring and will be an open ended tour pending tour bookings.       Ballantyne says that he has received inquiries about the tour from as far away as Iowa and Colorado. The immediate tour, however, is being designed to cover Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. not that other stops may not be considered.  Schools will be a primary interest for the tour.  To that end a 30-minute version of the show has been created so that schools can present it during the day in an assembly time format for their students.  The full length show version will also be available for school presentation.  Ballantyne also stressed that the show is available for dates at local community theaters, larger theater venues as well as group and organization venues.     IMAGES follows the life of Holocaust survivor and Anne Frank step-sister Eva Schloss.  Where two previous plays about Mrs. Schloss stopped after she was liberated form Auschwitz, IMAGES follows Eva’s entire life through some difficult post-war years right up through the present day as she travels the world telling adults and students her story.  The powerful one-woman show is accompanied by video segments which highlight important moments and people in Eva’s life.   A study guide is also available to schools which teachers can use in the classroom once their students have viewed the play.  Ballantyne went on to say arrangements can also be made for production personnel to visit classrooms and interact with the students.  He added that IMAGES carries a very uplifting message for everyone who sees it.     Molly Galano, who created the Schloss role in the premier production, will star in the tour (with an occasional alternate actress doing some tours). Galano is an award winning actress having worked in virtually every theater in and around the Youngstown area.   With acting triumphs in productions like Death of a Salesman, All My Sons, Lost In Yonkers,  The Spitfire Grill, The Normal Heart, and many others, Galano brings a powerful yet heartfelt performance to the role of Eva Schloss.     Schools, theater venues and other venues and organizations are urged to call J&B Production Arts Services at 330-799-6176 to inquire about booking dates for the tour at their locations.  Information may also be obtained and a trailer of the show viewed by going to     Ballantyne also stated that they are currently hiring two technical positions to travel with the show.  Needed are an experienced sound operator and an experienced video operator.  BOTH POSITIONS ARE PAID.  Call 330-799-6176 for more information. “...a stirring performance” - TheVindicator “This is a production that all area students need to see” - Connie Cassidy, English/Language Arts Teacher “....a lesson to the audience beyond the Holocaust.” - Harold Davis, B’nai B’rith #339

                                  Holocaust Play World Premier
                                     at Youngstown Playhouse

The Youngstown Playhouse and J&B Production Arts Services will team up to present the world premier of a
new play about the Holocaust from August 12th to the 28th. IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - THE
EVA SCHLOSS STORY, by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., tells the story of Anne Frank childhood friend and step-sister, Eva
Mrs. Schloss has visited the Youngstown area numerous times with her last visit being in 2011 at the premier of A
Light In the Darkness, another play about her experiences.
Ballantyne points out that the difference between Images and other plays about Schloss is that Images is a onewoman
show and it deals with her entire life right up to the present rather than stopping after World War II. Local
area actress Molly Galano will portray Mrs. Schloss in a retrospective format in which she talks about different
times in her life including her time spent in hiding from the Nazis, her arrest and imprisonment in Auschwitz and
how she has used her experiences during the war to educate both adults and students.
Ballantyne also said that video plays a very important part in the show as it presents images from Eva’s past and
how those images have effected her life. Included in the video are six filmed segments in which other actors portray
family members as well as other significant people in her life. Those six segments were all shot in various local
locations over the past year. “This is an up close and personal look at a very strong and amazing lady who not
only survived the Holocaust but has gone on to use the tragedy in her life as a very positive force to help people,”
Ballantyne went on to say.
The show will live on after the initial production at the Playhouse. A tri-state tour of the show will begin in early
2017. One of Eva’s primary objectives is to talk to school kids, as she does all over the world. The tour will help
to accomplish this objective in a little different way. Since it is not possible for Eva to be everywhere, Images, will
afford schools the opportunity to expose their students to her story even though she herself cannot be there. The
full length version of Images will be available as well as a special 40 minute school assembly version. Ballantyne
emphasized that besides schools, they are also looking to book the show into local theater venues, churches, synagogues
and other venues. He also added that it will also be available for in-house productions for schools and
theaters to produce themselves. Ballantyne stated that this is a very valuable resource for both schools and the community
in general. Holocaust survivors are dying at an alarming rate. Plays like this help to keep their stories alive.
Ballantyne is directing the show. Others included in video segments are: Carl Brockway, Liz Conrad, Olivia Rossi,
Vincent Dragos, Rosie Bresson, Glenn Stevens, Terri Wilkes, Megan Brockway, Miranda Canacci, Mary Rosenberg,
and Abby Witherstine.
Reservations can be made for all performances by calling 330-788-8739. For touring information call 330-799-
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                                         Auditions for New
                                            Holocaust Play
J&B Production Arts Services and the Youngstown Playhouse have announced auditions for a new play about Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss. The play titled, IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - The Eva Schloss Story by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr. will be presented at the Youngstown Playhouse in August of 2016. The play is a co-production between J&B Production Arts Services and the Youngstown Playhouse.
The role of Eva Schloss has already been cast. The roles being auditioned are for video segments that will take place during the production. This video will stay with the production through a proposed prolonged tour of the show following the premier production. Roles being auditioned are as follows (although ages are stipulated older and younger actors will also be considered):
Erich (Pappy) Geiringer (Eva’s father) - roughly age 37 - 43
Elfriede (Mutti) Geiringer (Eva’s mother) - roughly age 33 - 37
Young Eva - age 9 - 11
Heinz Geiringer (Eva’s brother) - roughly age 12 - 14
Teenage Eva - age 13 - 15
Nazi Officer - age 50 - 60
Female Kapo (camp enforcer who is also a prisoner) - age 50 - 60
Female newspaper reporter - age 30 - 40 - able to do British accent


Auditions will take place at the Youngstown Playhouse on Wednesday and Thursday, June 17 & 18 at 7:00 pm. each evening.  Video is scheduled to be shot during July and August of this year. All those cast would only be making a one-day commitment for each scene they are in. Most average between 1 and 3 scenes. More specific information will be provided at auditions. Immediate information can be acquired by calling J&B Production Arts Services at 330-799-6176.

                                              New Play About
                                       Anne Frank’s Step-sister


J&B Production Arts Services has announced plans to produce a new play about Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s step-sister. Titled, Images: Remembrances of the Holocaust - The Eva Schloss Story, the play is written by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr. who also authored the very successful A Light In the Darkness: A Story of Hope During the Holocaust which was also about Schloss and her family. The difference in the two shows is that Images will be a one-woman show about the life of Eva Schloss
from her early childhood up to the present time --- a period of more than 80 years. The show will also include video which will incorporate actors portraying other people in the life of Mrs. Schloss.  Slated to star in the premier production is local actress favorite, Molly Galano as Eva Schloss.


Playwright, J.E.Ballantyne, Jr. talked about the reason for writing the show. He said that it is intended to show the span of life of Mrs. Schloss through all she has gone through during the Holocaust and how she is continuing to educate students and adults about the dangers of what took place during the Holocaust and how those things are still taking place today. Following the World Premier, a tour is being planned which will play other theaters as well as high schools, colleges, and universities.  Ballantyne said that. “This production will be a tremendous educational tool for schools at all levels, particularly if they have a Holocaust education program already in place.” No place has yet been chosen for the World Premier production but it is hopefully planned for sometime in 2016 with the tour taking off sometime in 2017. Any theaters interested in participating in the World Premier of the
production are asked to contact J&B Production Arts Services.
Eva Schloss knew Anne Frank well as a young girl growing up in Amsterdam, Holland. They saw each other often and played together at both Anne’s apartment and in the square outside of their apartment building in which both of them lived. Eva would not become related to Anne until after Anne’s death when Anne’s father, Otto Frank, married Eva’s mother. Eva and her mother spent nine months in Auschwitz-Birkenau during World War II. Her mother narrowly escaped death at the
hands of the Nazis on two occasions. Both experienced inhuman conditions and starvation during their time in the camp. Ballantyne’s last play about Schloss, A Light In the Darkness, has seen numerous
productions across the U.S. including a production in London which was attended by nearly 2000 people in five performances. A Light In the Darkness was the winner of 6 Marquee Awards including a Special Award for Community Service.


Ballantyne added that auditions will soon be scheduled for actors to portray the characters in the video segments. He explained that the same video that is used in the premier production will also
stay with the show as it tours so those actors who are cast for the segments will have a permanent place with the show for as long as it runs. He said he is seeking actors between the ages of 9 years
old and 50 to 60 years old. More specific details will be available in the audition notice or can be obtained by calling J&B Production Arts Services. All video segments are tentatively scheduled to
be shot this summer. According to Ballantyne, one of the great things about this particular show is that the length of it will be adaptable. The full length, two-act version, will run about an hour and 30 minutes with an intermission but a second version will also be available that will be trimmed to about 45 minutes so that it fits in with school assembly times. He points out that this show is an extremely
important show for students to see and experience and therefore he wants to give schools every opportunity possible to book the show into their facilities. Also, with the shortened version, the show would also be suitable for churches, women’s groups and other assorted small venues. Mrs. Schloss, herself, is very excited about the show and is hoping to attend the World Premier pending schedule availability. Ballantyne said that he has been working with her on the script for
the past year and five months. “Numerous drafts were sent to Eva over the past many months and when we finally hit draft #6, we both felt we had a script that would make a great production,” said Ballantyne regarding the process of developing the initial script. He said some re-writing still needs to be done but they feel good about the basic script now in hand. The last time Mrs. Schloss was in Youngstown was in 2011 for the premier of A Light In the Darkness.

New Edgar Allan Poe Book

Written by Local Author


     J&B Production Arts Services has announced that a new book, Edgar Allan Poe Live.....On Stage by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., is scheduled for release around the Thanksgiving holiday or shortly thereafter.  Published by J&B Theatrical Promotions and printed by Mechling Books, the book contains theatrical stage adaptations of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most well known stories.  All of the Poe story adaptations contained in the anthology type book, were all produced and presented by the Victorian Players and J&B Production Arts Services of Youngstown, Ohio between the years of 2005 and 2013.  


     Author and playwright, J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., who did the adaptations explained that the idea for the book was first presented to him by Gerri Jenkins, a board member of the Victorian Players.  “I had written six adaptations of six Poe stories in addition to two original plays about Poe’s life.  Gerri thought it would be a great idea to assemble all of them into one anthology so it could be purchased  and read.  After giving it some thought I agreed that it was a worthwhile idea.  In all honesty, I probably would have never thought of it myself.”  All of the adaptations were drawn straight from the acting editions of the plays that were presented originally by the Victorian and J&B Productions Arts Services.  According to Ballantyne, some re-writing was done on some of the scripts after the original productions closed so there will be some new elements to some of them.  The six Poe stories included are; The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask of Amontillado, The Masque of the Red Death and The Facts In the Case of M. Valdemar.  The two original Poe scripts are Poe: Quoth the Raven....Nevermore (originally premiered at the Youngstown Playhouse) and The Tell-Tale Poe.


     Ballantyne explained that the stage adaptations are expanded versions of the original Poe stories so that they would fill a time frame suitable for an evening of theatrical entertainment.  All of the shows were very successful in their original runs with some being performed elsewhere.  He said that he wanted to get the book out in time for Christmas since it would be an excellent gift for anyone who has a Poe fan on their gift list.  Also included in the book is an introduction explaining the process of adapting the stories along with a brief look at the life and times of Edgar Allan Poe.  In the back of the book he has included the original cast, staff and crew lists from each and every production.  


     At present the book is only available through J&B Production Arts Services but future plans include making it available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, although that will probably not happen before Christmas.  There is also an e-book version of the book in the works.  The book sells for $22.00 and can be ordered by calling J&B Production Arts Services at 330-799-6176 or by sending a check for $22.00 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling, made payable to J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., to J&B Production Arts Services, 7130 Locust Avenue, Suite 12, Youngstown, Ohio 44512.  Purchases may also be made via 


     Signed copies are also available upon request.  J&B Production Arts Services has also announced a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!  Anyone who purchases a copy of the book before December 15 will also receive a FREE copy of the DVD of the full production of Edgar Allan Poe’s: The Tell Tale Heart.




JFK Assassination Play

Available on DVD


     J&B Production Arts Services has announced that Specter of Treason-The Oswald Trial by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr. is available on DVD.  The play deals with a “what-if” scenario of suspected JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald surviving the wounds inflicted by Jack Ruby and going on trial.  The play is essentially Oswald’s fictional trial with the audience acting as the jury.  The production starred Alan McCreary and Brady Flamino as the prosecuting and defense attorneys, respectively.  The play was presented last November at the Victorian Players and was produced by the Victorian along with J&B Production Arts Services.  The production marked the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


     Writer, producer, director, J.E.Ballantyne, Jr. said that he has been contacted by various people inquiring about the availability of a DVD of the production.  Even the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas, formerly the School Book Depository, has requested a copy of the DVD for their library.  Ballantyne added that the DVD is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who did not get a chance to attend the production as well as those individuals who have an interest in the JFK assassination.  The DVD costs $25.00 and can be ordered by calling 330-799-6176 or by sending a check made payable to J.E.Ballantyne, Jr for $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling to J&B Production Arts Services, 7130 Locust Avenue, Suite 12,, Youngstown, Ohio 44512.


     Ballantyne also added that the DVD for the accompanying JFK seminar, JFK and Dallas, which took place at Youngstown State University, will also be available shortly.  It is still in the editing process due to the massive amount of tape that was shot during the day long event.  It includes presentations by nationally known JFK researchers including Dr. Cyril Wecht of Pittsburgh.  This DVD can also be purchased for $40.00 but the delivery time will take a bit longer than Specter of Treason.  Follow the same ordering procedures as above including $3.00 shipping and handling, if ordering by mail.

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Local Holocaust Play to Have

International Premier



     J&B Production Arts Services, the company that controls the performance rights to A Light in the Darkness: A Story of Hope During the Holocaust, recently announced that the locally premiered and written play will have its first production overseas.  The play, written by local playwright J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., will be presented by the American School in London this fall.  It will be the first international production of the popular play. 


     Based on The Promise by Eva Schloss and Barbara Powers, the play deals with the life of Mrs. Schloss (Anne Frank’s step-sister) during the time that her family went into hiding from the Nazis and follows them through their time in Auschwitz and their eventual return to Holland after World War II.  The play saw its world premier at the Victorian Players in Youngstown, Ohio in October of 2011 and was essentially the last show that former Managing Director Marilyn Higgins produced for the theater before her passing at the end of the year.  The show has since seen productions at Liberty High School in Liberty  and Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle, Washington.  Ballantyne says that there are also other productions in the planning stages elsewhere as well as many inquiries from theaters and schools across the country.  The play was the winner of six Marquee Awards including a Special Award for Community Service.   Mrs. Schloss attended the premier in Youngstown and is expected to attend the premier in London.


     Ballantyne also announced that he is currently writing a second play about Eva Schloss based on her latest book, After Auschwitz.  This play will deal with her early life, the years in hiding and in Auschwitz but will spend considerable time examining what Eva has done with her life over the years since the end of World War II.  She has traveled the world over telling her story and educating people about the Holocaust.  Ballantyne said that when the time comes that Eva can no longer travel that this new play can hopefully speak for her.  He is designing it as a one-woman show with accompanying video that will incorporate other characters.


     For more information and to inquire about performance rights for A Light in the Darkness, visit and click on Play Licensing.



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Museum Requests Youngstown

JFK Materials



     J&B Production Arts Services announced today that the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas has requested items from the recent John F. Kennedy projects in Youngstown.  The 6th Floor Museum is housed in what once was the Texas School Book Depository where alleged JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald worked.  The museum has requested DVDs of Specter of Treason-The Oswald Trial and the accompanying seminar, JFK and Dallas.  They also asked for scripts from both Specter of Treason and Sparky...from Chicago as well as program booklets, tickets, flyers and posters.  All of these items will be included in the museum’s research/reading room and will be available to researchers and all those who want to learn more about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  J&B Productions Arts already has DVDs and scripts from Block 5 and A Light in the Darkness: A Story of Hope During the Holocaust in the library at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.


     In a statement from J.E.Ballantyne, Jr, writer, producer and director of Specter of Treason, he said that obviously the 6th Floor Museum sees the importance of these productions and seminars; “It is unfortunate that many of the people in Youngstown chose to blow these events off and consider them a waste of their time.”  Ballantyne was also Co-Chairman of the JFK and Dallas seminar at Youngstown State University.  The seminar was also sparsely attended in relation to similar events in other cities.  Dr. Cyril Wecht, who participated in the seminar, told Ballantyne that he was surprised at the low turnout considering the participants and the amount of work that was put into the event. 


     Ballantyne said that the materials will be sent out to the museum once all editing is complete on the Specter of Treason and the JFK and Dallas DVDs.  An announcement will be made at a later date when these materials will be available for public sale.  He added that DVDs will also be available for purchase by local libraries and schools; “I feel that it is incredibly important to get these items into libraries and schools so that students have access to them.  These are the leaders of the future, they need to know where we came from and why the country is in the condition that it is at present.”  He congratulated all who were involved in the recent JFK projects.


     For more information visit or call 330-799-6176.



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