Missing Playbills

Listed below is a list of playbills which we are missing.  There about 124 missing playbills.  That's not bad for 90+ seasons.  I have included ALL missing playbills even from the very early years.  You never know what someone might find in their attic.  The playbills are listed by season.  PLEASE NOTE:  The season number you have on a playbill you possess will not coincide with those on this list.  Numbering mistakes were made in the seasons several times over the years, almost no season number on any playbill is correct.  So, when searching the list, search by show and not by season number.  The playbills on this list are only original playbills and do not include duplicates.  We are only keeping 3 duplicates of any playbill.  I have no record of duplicate numbers off hand.  If you look in the Archive Database Book in the office or the Archive Room, duplicates of each playbill are noted there.  If a show title is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that we have located a copy of that playbill but we don't yet have it in our possession.  

SEASON #1-1924/1925


   The Butler


   Within the Law

   Kick In

(all done as the Yo. Little Theater)


SEASON #2-1925/1926


   The First Year

   Nearly Married

(done as the Yo. Little Theater)


SEASON #3-1926/1927


   Mother Goose; Spring

      Silhouette (one-acts)

   Rosalind; The Flattering Word


   The Devil's Acre (considered

      to be the first full production

      by the Yo. Players)


SEASON #4-1927/1928


   Had Lincoln Laughed


SEASON #5-1928/1929


   The Good Woman

   Black Flamingo

   The Torchbearers



SEASON #6-1929/1930


   In Love With Love

   In a Garden

   Sour Grapes

   Blind Date; Indian Summer;

      Mr. Santa Claus' Secret

      (one-acts by Workshop



SEASON #7-1930/1931


   On Approval

   The Silver Cord


SEASON #8-1931/1932


   Behold This Dreamer

   The Butter and Egg Man


SEASON #11-1934/1935


   Ladies of the Jury

   The Ninth Guest


SEASON #12-1935/1936




SEASON #13-1936/1937


   Accent On Youth

   Fresh Fields

   The Sea Gull


SEASON #18-1941/1942


   Alison's House


SEASON #20-1943/1944


   The Willow and I

   Heaven Can Wait

   Thunder Rock


SEASON #21-1944/1945


   The Male Animal

   Out Of the Frying Pan


SEASON #22-1945/1946


   Time Is a Dream


SEASON #30-1953/1954


   Case of the Missing Hand Clasp


SEASON #31-1954/1955


   Born Yesterday

   Music & Theatre

   Case of the Missing Hand Clasp;

      Star Song; Suppressed

      Desires; The Boor (high

      school one-acts)


SEASON #32-1955/1956


   Reclining Figure

   The Innocents

   The Rainmaker


   Mister Roberts


SEASON #33-1956/1957



   A Roomful of Roses

   Death of a Salesman

   The Torchbearers

   The Mousetrap

   Bus Stop

   Down In the Valley; Act III;

      The Ponder Heart


SEASON #34-1957/1958


   The Desk Set

   Inherit the Wind

   King of Hearts


SEASON #35-1958/1959


   Who Was That Lady I Saw

      You With?

   Anna Christie


SEASON #36-1959/1960


   In the Shadow of the Rockies


SEASON #37-1960/1961


   Look Homeward Angel

   The Dark at the Top of the


   Sabrina Fair

   Dream Girl

   The Gazebo

   The Ponder Heart


SEASON #38-1961/1962


   The Late Christopher Bean

   The Cave Dwellers

   Tea and Sympathy




SEASON #40-1963/1964


   The Comedy of Errors

   Under Milkwood


SEASON #41-1964/1965


   The Royal Gambit

   The Happy Journey From

      Trenton to Camden; No Exit;


   The Rope Dancers

   The Consul


SEASON #42-1965/1966


   Don Juan In Hell

   Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

   The Women


SEASON #43-1966/1967


   Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies










SEASON #44-1967/1968


   Beyond the Fringe


SEASON #46-1969/1970


   The Crucible


SEASON #47-1970/1971


   The Serpent

   Dracula Sabbat

   Crawling Arnold

   The Indian Wants the Bronx

   The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie


SEASON #49-1972/1973


   It's Called the Sugar Plum

      (done at Powers Audit.)


SEASON #54-1977/1978


   Line (The Line)


SEASON #58-1981/1982




   Tom Sawyer

   Salute to Broadway


SEASON #59-1982/1983


   Sir Aladdin, the Arabian Knight


   Treasure Island

   The Three Bears


SEASON #60-1983/1984


   The Night Before Christmas

   The Brave Little Tailor


SEASON #61-1984/1985


   The Wind In the Willows

   The Nightingale (tour)


SEASON #64-1987/1988


   Split Second


SEASON #68-1991-1992

   Love, Richard


SEASON #70-1993/1994


   Nunsense II, The Second Coming


SEASON #71-1994/1995


   Love Letters


SEASON #74-1997/1998


   Annie Warbucks


SEASON #75-1998/1999


   Amahl & the Night Visitors

   I Ought To Be In Pictures

   Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery

   Blues In the Night

   Love, Sex & the I.R.S.

   Poe: Quoth the Raven



SEASON #76-1999/2000


   A Christmas Carol

   Black Nativity

   The Fantasticks

   The Mystery of Irma Vepp

   Kent State: A Requiem


SEASON #77-2000/2001


   Poe Parts



SEASON #84-2007/2008


   The Last Five Years


SEASON #90-2013/2014


   Strange Snow

   Tuesdays With Morrie


SEASON #91-2014/2015


   You Can't Take It With You

   The Mystery of Irma Vepp


SEASON #92-2015/2016



   The Colored Museum

   Voices of the Valley

   Angelo Babbaro and Friends

      Raising Our Voices for Rich

      Center for Autism


SEASON #93-2016/2017


   Lighten Up: An Evening of

      Improv and Sketch Comedy


SEASON #97-2021/2022

      The Gone Away Place

      Marjorie Prime



If you have playbills that will help fill in this list, please contact me at 330-799-6176, 330-402-9273 or email me via the email address on the Contact Us page of this website.


Thank you!








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