Theatre Tape

Most theaters, at one time or another, have found a need for various types of tape.  Tape is indispensable to a theatrical production.  And there are as many types of tape as there are needs for tape.  But the most widely used types of tape for most theaters are gaffer tape and glow tape. 

Gaffer Tape

If you are not familiar with gaffer tape, it is somewhat similar to Duct Tape but about a thousand times better.  We try to avoid the use of duct tape in shows at all costs.  It leaves a residue and is much more difficult to work with than gaffers.  Gaffers comes in many different sizes and colors.  We can get you what you need at a great price.   


Just like gaffer tape, glow tape is an absolute necessity for any theater production.  If you haven't used it --- start.  It is great for marking steps, corners, spike marks, and a vast assortment of other things.  It makes those steps you keep tripping over in the dark more noticeable.

The funny thing about glow-tape, however, is that you never have it when you need it.  It is one of those items that just never gets re-ordered.  You don't realize you need it until you are in the middle of tech rehearsal and there is no place to get any. So, don't let that happen.  Let us know how much you need and we can get it to you so you have it in plenty of time.

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