We are pleased to be opening our online store.  You will find DVDs, Books and Tee-Shirts from productions which we have produced.  As time goes on more items will be added.  Check out the items available.  These are great for gifts for any and all occasions from birthdays to Christmas to any other reason where you need a gift.


BLOCK 5 by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr.

The true story of seven Jewish prisoners in Mauthausen, the Nazi concentration camp which was one of the most feared of all camps.  The "Mauthausen 7" are housed in Block #5 with no other inmates until an English prisoner is thrown in with them for no apparent reason.  Is he a Nazi spy or someone who can help them escape the camp and re-claim there shattered lives?  This first rate cast  brings these men to stunning life on stage.  A story of strength and determination.  Winner of 14 Marquee Awards spanning two different productions.  A very valuable resource for students and teachers of the Holocaust.

" unforgettable piece of theatre."  -------TheVindicator

$25.00 USD - Includes many extras 

A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: A Story of Hope During the Holocaust

by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr.

The true story of Eva Schloss, the step-sister of Anne Frank, and her family as they hide from the Nazis in World War II Amsterdam.  Based on Eva's book, The Promise, A Light in the Darkness is a multi-media drama with narration by Eva herself.  It tells the harrowing story of how Eva and her family were driven into hiding, much the same as her good friend Anne Frank.  It follows their discovery by the Nazis and their subsequent imprisonment at Auschwitz, one of the most feared of all Nazi camps.  Few people left Auschwitz alive but Eva did.  It follows Eva and her mother back to Amsterdam and their frantic search for Eva's brother and father.  A true story of inspiration and strength.  A necessity in all school libraries and should be on each student's "must-see" list.

" 'A Light in the Darkness' will give you perspective into your own life, and offer incredible amounts of hope to be remembered in trying times."


Winner of 6 Marquee Awards including a Special Award for Community Service.

$25.00 USD - Includes many extras


The age-old question of "Who killed JFK?" is scrutinized in this powerful and dramatic stage production focusing on the trial that Lee Harvey Oswald never had.  Oswald, suspected JFK assassin, was gunned down by a low level mafia hood just two days following Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas.  This play is a "what-if" play about what might have taken place if Oswald had gotten to have his day in court.  All evidence presented is based upon available information that could have been used in 1965.  Today, however, we have found that much of that information was not accurate and even more had been supressed.The most interesting part of the show is that the audience acts as the jury and renders the verdict.  Written during the mid-1990's, the show was first presented in 1996.  This production was presented to mark the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination in 2013.  

" and cutting...not to be missed!"

"...thought provoking drama."


"It's really interesting the way the play is written---it's very, very unbiased."

               ------------Nelson Velazquez, actor

$25.00 USD - includes extras

EDGAR ALLAN POE'S:  THE TELL TALE HEART adapted by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr.

Edgar Allan Poe --- The Master of Horror --- penned many a scary tale but none quite so graphic and memorable as The Tell-Tale Heart.  This is the one story for which Poe is most well associated.  EDGAR ALLAN POE'S: THE TELL TALE HEART is a chilling stage adaptation of the classic story told in flasback fashion after the murderer is captured.  As he explains his story (from the original) scenes appear that further play out what was in the murderer's mind and how the old man's eye obsessed him.  Extra characters are added to heighten the dramatic effect on stage including a nosy and comical little old lady who's chore it is to clean the old man's house each month.

Great Halloween viewing!!

$25.00 USD



Adapted by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr.

This book is an anthology of Edgar Allan Poe stories that have been adapted to stage performances.  Inspired by the stage successes of numerous plays based on Poe literature, this book contains six adaptations of Poe stories along with two original plays depicting Poe's life.  The original stories included are "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Black Cat," "The Cask of Amontillado," "The Masque of the Red Death," and "The Facts In the Case of M. Valdemar."  The two original plays are "Poe...Quoth the Raven Nevermore," and "The Tell-Tale Poe."

ATTENTION TEACHERS - This book is a great way to add interest to a literature class when studying Poe or American Literature.  It is also a great way for Theater Arts teachers to provide their students with an intriguing way to do scene studies and to perform some dramatic interpretation exercises.

PLUS, if you are just a Poe enthusiast, this book gives you an exciting new way to experience his literature.

$22.00 USD; includes Introduction, Background on Edgar Allan Poe, and complete cast and crew lists from the original productions.


Official Production T-Shirt from Block 5.  White cotton shirt with full color logo.  Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double Extra Large

$10.00 USD; $2.00 extra for Double Extra Large

Official Production T-Shirt from A Light in the Darkness: A Story of Hope During the Holocaust.  White cotton shirt with full color logo.  Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double Extra-Large.

$10.00 USD; $2.00 extra for Double Extra-Large


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