Photos To Be ID'd

This page contains Playhouse photos that need to be identified.  There are many photos in the Archive Room that are not identified in any way.  That means that there is no indication of show title or the year of production of said show.  We are not real concerned about identifying people in various photos.  Don't misunderstand me, it isn't that people are not important but it is more important to ID the show and the year.  In many cases the people in the photo will be more difficult to ID.


In some cases I am fairly sure of what the production is, I just need some confirmation.  Photos appearing will have a number attached to it and in some cases some other notation.  Simply hover your curser over the photo to see the number.  If you can help with the identification of the photo, please send me an email via the Contact Page on this website; note the photo number along with the identification information which you have.  You will be noted as a source of information unless you choose to remain anonymous (please indicate that preference).  This will be an ongoing process over the next several years with photos being added from time to time.  I will try and send out a Facebook post letting everyone know when a new batch of photos are added.  In the meantime, please help us out by passing the word to other people to check the photos on the website.

The following notations will be used to indicate what information we need on each photo ---

               S  -  Show Title

               Y  -  Year of Production

               P  -  People needing ID'd (when needed)

When giving a year of production of a show, you only need to get within about 5 years of when it was actually produced.  We can trace it from there.  Good luck and have fun.



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